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My five cats. From left to right, Tigger, Taffy, Bo, Jerome and Oreo.

I’m also an avid collector of modern and deco cat arts and crafts. Below, a small portion of the collection.

And a huge supporter of cat-related causes, including Trap-Neuter-Return. Practicing with the trap on some “volunteers”:

A few of the cat-related causes I support:

My family

Me with my late husband Frank Joseph (8/4/50-10/7/12), who was a professional nonfiction writer, and blues harp and sax player. Frank wrote hundreds of articles about notable musicians and photography over the course of many decades. I'm currently creating a website in Frank’s honor to showcase his writing, and building a Facebook page with a few videos, photos and music clips. Frank often played around Ithaca with the Green Deeps. Follow them on Facebook!

This is us from a while back:
Sue and Frank

Here are some photos of Frank performing:

As a soloist (undated photo):
Frank Joseph

Frank with the Green Deeps, Shakori Hills 2010:
Frank with the Green Deeps, Shakori Hills, 2010

And, my brother Mark and his wife Rebecca Shen, with their daughters Maya (left) and Katrina (right):
My brother and his wife Rebecca Shen, with their daughters Maya (left) and Katrina (right)




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