Current and honorary lab members
Former students

Current and honorary lab members

Leslie Setlock Hao-Chuan Wang Duyen (Mary) Nguyen

Leslie D. Setlock

Lab Manager

Graduate Student, Communication

Intercultural communication and collaboration, Impression management, CSCW, CMC

Hao-Chuan Wang


Assistant Prof., National Tsing Hua University

CMC, Intercultural communication, Conversation and text analysis

Duyen (Mary) Nguyen

Nguyễn Thị Thảo Duyên

Post-doctoral researcher, HCII, Carnegie Mellon University

Intercultural Communication & Collaboration, CMC, Social transparency, Anonymity, Privacy

Jin Liu Tina Yuan Nanyi Bi

Jin Liu


Graduate Student, Communication

Visual perception, Impression formation, Culture

Tina (Chien Wen) Yuan


Graduate Student, Communication

Intercultural communication, CMC, Social media

Nanyi Bi


Graduate Student, Communication

CMC; Intercultural communication; HCI

Nitesh Goyal Ge Gao

Nitesh Goyal

नितेश गोयल

Graduate Student, Information Science

Interaction Design, Collaborative Sensemaking, Group Decision making, Social Computing

Ge Gao


Graduate Student, Communication

Intercultural communication, CMC, Distributed teams, Social network sites (SNS), Interaction design

Xiying Wang


Graduate student
Information Science

Sustainable Interaction Design, Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience

Erica Osterman

Bin Xu


Graduate Student, Information Science

Social Network and Media, Intercultural Communication, Mobile Computing

Erica C. Ostermann

Graduate Student, Information Science

CMC, HCI, public displays, and social network sites (SNS)


Former students

Aruna Balakrishnan (CMU, Ph.D. awarded Fall 2011); now at Google.

Pablo Quinones; now a Ph.D. student at University of Michigan.

Peter Scupelli (CMU, Ph.D. awarded in May 2009); now an Assistant Professor at Carnegie Mellon.

Cristen Torrey (CMU, Ph.D. awarded in May 2009); now a Post-doctoral fellow at University of Michigan.

Hao-Chuan Wang (Cornell, Ph.D awarded August 2011); now an Assistant Professor at National Tsing Hua University.

Current and Former Collaborators

Jeremy Birnholtz (Northwestern)
Claire Cardie (Cornell)
Dan Cosley (Cornell)
Ilana Diamant (University of Washington)
Jodi Forlizzi (Carnegie Mellon)
Pam Hinds (Stanford)
Toru Ishida (Kyoto University)
Michael Johnson (UMass Boston)
Gilly Leshed (Cornell)
Sara Kiesler (Carnegie Mellon)
Bob Kraut (Carnegie Mellon)
Jennifer Mankoff (Carnegie Mellon)
Deanna Matthews (Carnegie Mellon)
Scott Matthews (Carnegie Mellon)
Carolyn Rosé (Carnegie Mellon)
Mike Shapiro (Cornell)
Hao-Chuan Wang (National Tsing Hua University)
Suzie Weisband (University of Arizona)
Yan Xiao (University of Maryland Medical Center)
Jie Yang (NSF)
Qiping Zhang (Long Island University)