Studies in Communication (Comm 6800)

This seminar introduces graduate students to the study of communication, its major domains of research, and the specific kinds of topics we focus on at Cornell. Topics include:

  • Background: Definitions, history and theory building
  • Mass Communication
  • Attitudes, Opinions and Persuasion
  • Interpersonal, Group and Organizational Communication
  • Human-Computer Interaction

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Behavior and Information Technology (IS/COMM 6310)

This course, one of the IS core graduate courses, explores the behavioral foundations of communication technology and the information sciences. It focuses on the ways in which theories and methods from the behavioral sciences play a role in understanding people’s use of, access to and interactions with information and communication technologies. The course will examine multiple levels of analysis -- individual, small group, and larger collectives -- and present multiple disciplinary perspectives. The course has three primary goals:

  • It will provide an introduction to behavioral science theories and approaches to understanding the use of current information technologies, to identify needs that are not currently being met, and to inform the design of future IT.
  • It will introduce students to common research methods and statistical techniques used in the behavioral sciences, with a focus on being able to understand research reports using these methods and statistics.
  • It will provide practice in conducting and reporting behavioral science research.

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Computer-Mediated Communication Seminar (Comm 4450/6450 and IS 4450/6450)

In this course, we will examine fundamental aspects of interpersonal communication and consider how different types of computer-mediated communications (CMC) technologies--such as e-mail, instant messaging, video conferencing, and social network sites--affect communication processes. The goals of the course are to provide students with a basic understanding of the processes of interpersonal communication, with an understanding of how features of current CMC technologies affect interpersonal communication, and with the knowledge they need to help design new communications technologies.

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Independent Study in Communication or Information Science (COMM/IS 4970)

Undergraduates who are interested in working in the areas of computer-mediated communication, intercultural communication, social computing, and related fields are welcome to conduct independent study with me. Plans can be tailored to individual needs and interests. For more information, please .